Real Estate Attorney Boca Raton

Real Estate Closing Services: Real estate closing services handled by Ginny L. Goldman, P.A. include representation of buyers and sellers on real estate transactions, preparation and review of estate contracts, review of title, preparation and review of closing documents. Ginny L. Goldman, P.A. Boca Raton real estate firm handles transactions for residential single family homes, condominiums and real property located in homeowner associations, in Palm Beach County and Broward County, FL.


Real Property Disputes: Ginny L. Goldman, P.A. represents individuals and businesses regarding real property disputes. Real property disputes include civil litigation involving breach of real estate contracts, disputes regarding escrow or deposits, specific performance, real estate brokerage commission claims, interpleader actions, construction defects, mechanic’s liens, foreclosure, landlord tenant actions, and disputes involving condominium and homeowner associations.


Other Real Estate Matters: The firm reviews, negotiates and prepares commercial and residential leases and real estate documents, including deeds, notes and mortgages.


The Boca Raton firm’s real estate attorney, Ginny L. Goldman, is a practicing real estate attorney for 31 years. She also holds a license as a real estate salesperson in Florida. 


Real Estate Do’s and Don’ts:

When considering making an offer to purchase a real property in Florida, the custom is to present the offer in writing and, if the seller accepts the written offer by signing it, a contract is then formed. If is, therefore, crucial to your rights as a buyer of real property to make sure your offer to purchase states all of the exact terms and conditions which constitute the benefit of your bargain. If terms are not stated in the contract, they will not be considered part of the contract because all verbal agreements merge into the written contract. The offer to purchase that you sign and present to the seller needs to be properly and thoroughly prepared because if the seller accepts it, as written, by signing it without any changes, your offer now becomes the contract to purchase the subject real property.

As a seller of real property, when you are presented with an offer in writing, you will best protect your rights by making sure the offer to purchase is reviewed thoroughly. Any disagreement with any of the stated terms, such as price, should be reflected in a written counter offer which you would then present to the buyer, rather than accepting the initial offer. If the buyer accepts your written counter offer without making any changes, a contract is then formed based on the original terms of the offer as modified by the counter offer.


No Fee For Initial Consultation: If you are in need of an experienced real estate attorney, contact the firm of Ginny L. Goldman, P.A. located in Boca Raton, Florida to schedule your initial consultation regarding your real estate matter. Although there is no fee for the initial consultation, you should not expect to receive legal advice until a retainer is entered into with the firm. The firm also encourages emails and phone calls if you have questions in connection with the need for legal representation regarding your real estate matter.


Real Estate Attorney Boca Raton